Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Is that you fall?

It finally feels like fall has come to Washington, DC. It's crisp and cool and leaves crunch under your feet when you walk along the sidewalk. It's definitely gotten me in the mood for an important upcoming event - Halloween! I'm thinking I'll decorate something like this for the big day:

One of my closest friends from this amazing place is coming to visit with her boyfriend whom I will have the pleasure of meeting for the very first time so I am super pumped. For the first time since, well, I guess since I trick or treated last? I am getting into dressing up. My darling sister is assisting me with her sewing skills to make one pretty kick ass costume (or so I hope!) The details are still in the works so I don't want to give away the surprise yet, but here's a hint for those you in the know:

Any guesses?

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